Organic, Handcrafted, Local

The Hive Cafe is the newest restaurant to hit Kutztown. It is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant…and actually the first one to make its way to Kutztown.  The owners came up with the name because she liked how a family of bees works together towards a goal.  Hive praises itself on its fresh products.  All… Continue reading Organic, Handcrafted, Local


Fractured Prune, Who?

Who needs the Fractured Prune or Tim Burton’s when you have The Frying Dutchman.  Recently, this donut shop has converted to new ownership, but don’t be alarmed…you will still be able to get your classic favorites every morning.  They unlock the doors at 7 a.m. and you better be sure to get your donuts before… Continue reading Fractured Prune, Who?

Burritos, and Wraps, and Salads…OH MY

Burritos, and Wraps, and Salads…OH MY. That’s sure how you will feel looking at all of the delicious options that Betty’s menu has to offer.  Betty’s is a fresh choice in down town Kutztown.  It is loved by town residents, but especially the Kutztown University Students.  The menu offers different choices for meat and veggie… Continue reading Burritos, and Wraps, and Salads…OH MY