Mama Mia Pizzeria

buffalo chicken

Although this is not your typical Italian pizzeria, it is sure to satisfy all of your cravings. Tommy Boy’s is a local pizza café owned by none other than Tommy Boy himself.  He is a young entrepreneur who hit is off in this small town.  On a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you can expect to see a line out the door of students waiting to get their slices. The atmosphere is upbeat with popular music bumping out of the speakers.  Now, these are not just a normal slice of pizza.  One slice comes in a personal pizza box.  So if you like a piece of pizza bigger than your head you are in for a treat.  You won’t find your traditional toppings here either.  Three crowd favorites; pulled pork, BBQ chicken, and buffalo chicken will be sold out before the night ends.  This is not just a pizza place though.  They also sell salads, appetizers, sandwiches, and delicious Italian dishes.  Check out their website and menu for more details.





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