Fractured Prune, Who?

Who needs the Fractured Prune or Tim Burton’s when you have The Frying Dutchman.  Recently, this donut shop has converted to new ownership, but don’t be alarmed…you will still be able to get your classic favorites every morning.  They unlock the doors at 7 a.m. and you better be sure to get your donuts before 3 p.m. each day.  When you first walk through the doors you are immersed in the smell of fresh fried donuts and all of the sweet toppings.  You cannot forget about the smell of the fresh coffee pots brewing in the corner.  The menu offers a list of 41 different hand dipped and topped donuts, but just in case you are feeling adventurous you can also create your own with their list of nine glazes nine different toppings.  The possibilities are truly endless here.


Every morning the management puts out a chalk board sign with a clever joke or pun. “There are zero calorie in the center of a donut” is just one example of the uplifting jokes that pull you in.

During the holiday months you can find festive donuts.  For Halloween the featured donuts with black icing topped with purple and orange sprinkles.  Thanksgiving included a maple bacon donut, capturing all of the warmth’s of the fall season.  Lastly, Christmas, nothing less to expect than a donut drenched in red and green sprinkles.




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