Burritos, and Wraps, and Salads…OH MY

Burritos, and Wraps, and Salads…OH MY. That’s sure how you will feel looking at all of the delicious options that Betty’s menu has to offer.  Betty’s is a fresh choice in down town Kutztown.  It is loved by town residents, but especially the Kutztown University Students.  The menu offers different choices for meat and veggie loves alike.  The soups are all homemade and freshly made that day right in the shop.  The salads feature additions of chicken, tuna, and even tofu.  Next, they offer cold wraps but more importantly, the burritos.  The burritos are the signature item at Betty’s.  Try the mango burrito, it’s a crowd favorite.  The black beans and jack cheese give a savory first taste and then a surprise kick of fresh mango at the end refreshes your taste buds. Last on the list, but not something to be forgotten, the delicious quesadillas.  The size portions of these will not disappoint. The restaurant features bright purple and orange walls making it a happy atmosphere for friends to gather and enjoy the food.  Check out their Facebook for more information and great reviews.



Menu: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Bettys-75000795318/menu/?ref=page_internal


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